Keto diet meals delivered in Singapore. Losing weight is delicious!

* cuistot = chef in French 😋

Cooked by your cuistot, your healthy meals delivered
* cuistot = chef in French 😋

Get delicious weight loss keto diet meals delivered in Singapore is now easy!

Pick & customize

Choose your meals from our rotating weekly menu. 15 new healthy options available every week. Define your dietetic expectations if needed.

Meals are cooked & delivered

Our closest chef is assigned. He prepares your meals following your dietetic guidelines. Meals are delivered fresh the same evening.

Heat & enjoy

Store your healthy prepared meals in the fridge, they are ready in under 3 minutes. Just heat, eat, enjoy !

Every single My Cuistot meal is:


Balanced with in season vegetables, proteins and lipids (the good ones). Diet meals low in carbs. 6 new vegetarian options every week

Super Fresh

Cooked the same day of delivery by a chef close by

100% natural

Without artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils

Home made

Cooked in small batches with health-conscious methods by a community of freelance chefs


Short circuits for more traceability and fair compensation

Weight Loss Meal Delivered in Singapore

Weight Loss Meal Delivered in Singapore

Do you struggle to find the time to cook low calorie, tasty and nutritious meals three times a day? Have you been looking for a diet food delivery plan that will meet your needs for weight loss without breaking your bank? Look no further: My Cuistot has expanded its weight loss meal delivery program to all of Singapore! Say goodbye to tasteless, ready-made meals. In fact, each day our world-class chefs whip up low calorie, low carb, and high fat meals. In addition, they are delivered straight to your Singapore home or office. Never has keto diet food delivery tasted so good.

Indeed, we know there is nothing more frustrating than having to plan and prep healthy meals around a busy schedule. We know that dieting can cause unnecessary headaches and stress. My Cuistot takes care of all your diet food delivery needs, saving you from the task of meal planning, preparation and clean up. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy low calorie gourmet meals customized to your weight-loss goals delivered to your Singapore address!

Ready to try our keto diet food delivery service? Sign up today!

Keto Diet Food Delivery in Singapore

Keto Diet Food Delivery in Singapore

My Cuistot knows that the best way to stick to a diet and achieve your weight loss goals is to make food you enjoy eating. So, not only do we insist on a diet food delivery program that is keto (low cal and high fat). Also, we make sure every meal tastes delicious. Besides, with a local Singapore operation, we are able to get fresh food ready for you for every meal.

My Cuistot is a weight loss meal delivery program that focuses on only the most nutrient-filled and tasty ingredients. Your meals can be customized for any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have. We deliver your meals to your Singapore-based address the same day that they’re made. Therefore, the ingredients used are always fresh. You don’t even need to beat home to accept our diet food delivery. We keep the meals in a refrigerated box! All you have to do is select how frequently you want to get our low calorie, low carb weight loss meal delivery service each week. Then, we will do the rest. We can provide 4, 6 or 9 meals a week No big lifestyle changes required with this diet food delivery plan!

Nowhere else in Singapore is offering keto diet food delivery like this. Pick your program and join in on the deliciousness!

Singapore Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Singapore Weight Loss Meal Delivery

At My Cuistot, we believe in a plan that caters to all lifestyles and needs. We don’t expect you to fit into a mold and your diet food delivery service shouldn’t either! That’s why our chefs are willing to customize our meals to fit exactly what you want. While we pride ourselves on only making the most naturally low calorie, low carb and high fat meals possible, we understand that our customers might require specific adjustments for their weight loss meal delivery service and we are happy to provide it for a small fee. So there are no worries if you’re vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or have any other specific needs. We are Singapore’s best program for you.

We know you need a keto diet food delivery service that adapts to you, instead of forcing you to adapt to it. And, with plans starting at only SGD16.10 a meal, our weight loss meal delivery plan is affordable and perfect for any lifestyle. Start our game-changing program today and lose weight by eating well!

Spend more time enjoying Singapore and less time worrying about what you’re making for dinner. Get your very own weight loss meal delivery program now!


* these results are not guaranteed and may vary from one person to another

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No commitment

No commitment

Receive your delivery whenever it's convenient, and you can skip a week or cancel at any time

Convenient and fresh

Convenient and fresh

Meals are cooked and delivered the same day. Store your meals up to 3 days in the fridge or 2 weeks in the freezer. Ready in under 3 minutes

Free delivery

Free delivery

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